Cape Kamenjak

The Kamenjak Peninsula or Cape Kamenjak also known as the Peninsula of Premantura (Punta) is the southernmost cape of Istria. Kamenjak is a protruding piece of land delving deep into the sea, some six kilometers long with the average width of about a kilometre. Kamenjak rugged coastline, some 30 kilometers long consist of numerous bay and various beaches forming an area of exceptional natural beauty including 11 unhabitated islands. The west coast of Kamenjak is stepper and its northern part partly encloses the Medulin Bay.

What to expect

Kamenjak is the most intimate corner of the Mediterranean with scenes of environmental exclusivity, untouched nature, encounters with the last habitats of plant and animal species on the planet, idyllic beaches as well as a wild coastline, shade of the pine trees, crystal clear water, perhaps an encounter with the Mediterranean monk seal or a discovery of dinosaur footprints. The story is colored by yellow broom flowers and endemic orchids, sky and sea-like tones of the blue-green vistas, white rocks and dusty roads. Everything smells like sage and salt. Enjoy the pleasures of asparagus and crabs of Premantura. You can hear the thunderous beating of waves, strong winds, feel the warmth of the sun…This is certainly a story about traces of the rich history of the Earth, about the place of special power of positive energy. Its here that the splendor of “Terra Magica” dwells.

  • It’s the wild rugged beauty and end-of-the-world vibe of this small peninsula just south of Pula that have earned it cult status among Croatian beach goers. An undeveloped protected nature reserve, Kamenjak showcases a carpet of heath plants, shrubs and wildflowers, criss-crossed by a maze of dirt tracks running through it all. It’s fringed by a string of pebble bays and secluded rocky beaches, surrounded by crystalline blue-green sea. It gets busy in summer but there’s always an empty beach to escape to, plus a fun beach bar for socialising.

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