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Rovinj is coastal Istria’s star attraction. While it can get overrun with tourists in summer, and residents have developed a sharp eye for maximizing profits by upgrading hotels and restaurants to four-star status, it remains one of the last true Mediterranean fishing ports. Fishers haul their catch into the harbor in the early morning, followed by a horde of squawking gulls, and mend their nets before lunch. Prayers for a good catch are sent forth at the massive Church of St Euphemia, the 60m-high tower of which punctuates the peninsula. Wooded hills and low-rise hotels surround the old town, which is webbed with steep cobbled streets and piazzas. The 14 green islands of the Rovinj archipelago make for a pleasant afternoon away; the most popular islands are Sveta Katarina and Crveni Otok (Red Island), also known as Sveti Andrija.
The old town is contained within an egg-shaped peninsula. About 1.5km south is the Punta Corrente Forest Park and the wooded cape of Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape), with its age-old oak and pine trees and several large hotels. There are two harbors: the northern open harbor and the small, protected harbor to the south.

What to expect

Beautiful walk around the old town with the ice cream in your hand and in another your mobile or a photo gear. And if you are in a romantic mood than the place to go is a Valentino bar , your heart will melt, times 2 .

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