Seagulls Rocks

“Galebove stijene” Pula
Seagull Rock

Seagull Rock’s

Seagull’s Rocks is located in Stoja, one of Pula’s neighborhoods, and is the most western beach in the city. The name was adopted because of many seagulls in that location. Seagull’s Rocks border with former military base Muzil, and metal fence is keeping the visitors away from the facility. The beach is also known for several caves which you can explore, diveand take a submarine photo-shoot. Pets are allowed on the beach.

What to expect

The beach is rocky with high cliffs which are suitable for jumping in the water. Entrance is more suitable for younger rather than the older people.Snorkeling and diving underwater passageways in the Pula archipelago, entering the hidden cave illuminated with underwater lamps will give you the true adrenaline snorkeling adventure. Ideal for adventurers, couples and young researchers.

  • Seagull Rocks beach
  • seagulls cave
  • sea gull cave
  • Galebove stijene
  • Galebove stijene
  • Seagull Rock

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