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Frequently Asked Questions


Please make sure to fill in and/or provide all necessary details upon booking your Boat rentals & adventure tour/s. Once you have completed the booking process a booking confirmation will follow, containing your booking number and the voucher/s for the services booked. The voucher will be your proof of payment so please bring it with you on the day of your tour. Please note that you are responsible for carefully checking all details on your confirmation and related travel documents to ensure that they are correct. In the event of discrepancy, such as booking mistakes where the wrong date and/or incorrect number of participants was booked please contact Water Taxi Pula immediately as it may not be possible to make amendments to your reservation when it gets closer to your departure date. Water Taxi Pula can not be responsible for mistakes in the booking process.

Depending of the Type of booking product that you are reservation the reservation is varying. The reservation is taken upon approval of the tour , boat rental and the difference is payable at the arrival on the day of the boat rental , boat tour or activity tour

Cancellation policy is semi flexible :

Full reservation refund is given 30 days prior to tour / Boat rental after that period no refund is given

Depending of your needs we can try to find the best boat Tour, activity , rental , or event planer . Just drop us a line , let us know what is your needs and what is your budget , and we will do the rest.

In Coratia for any motor boat is needed a valid boating licence. The boats that we do have in our offer are powerful boats so if you do have the valid boating licence but you are not comfortable on the boats and our see we advice to take the skipper option. With hiring the skipper option at firs looks more expensive, but on the end you don’t need to worry about the deposit, you and your family & friends will be safe and enjoy the day out on the sea ( drink ,have some adrenaline rush with the extra equipment , see some places that only local skipper knows and so on ) and don’t forget he knows where the dolphins are hiding.

In the summer time we sometimes have unpredictable whether, especial for the Boat Tours and Boat Rentals you will think that is so sunny and no wind whatsoever on the land but the Captain and skipper will cancel all the tours and rental. So, we are sorry for the inconvenience but your safety and the safety of our crew members are more precious than anything.

The Boat Tours & Boat Rental will be rearranged for the first possible date or the reservation will be fully refunded.

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Didn’t find the Boat that you wish to rent ? Looking for some private tours, Private transfers? Need more info? Or just wanna say hello. Contact Water Taxi Pula, please fell free to write to us ,Whatsapp +385955571202, Facebook: Water Taxi Pula.