Extreme snorkeling

Are you an adrenaline addict? Love to snorkel? Then is time for you to try the Extreme snorkeling!! Is super fun

Discover the underwater marine world while gliding through the water like a dolphin, perform thrilling underwater acrobatics, or just relax on the surface and enjoy the ride.

The Subwing completely reinvents the way we explore and interacts with the ocean and its marine life. It’s the ultimate watersport board that every water junkie needs to experience!


Sore muscle , just kidding  Fun, Fun, Fun, and excellent time.

The Subwing consists of two wings mounted together which can be tilted independently of each other.
A boat tows it at a slow and gentle pace, while it’s maneuvered by tilting the wings in different angles. You simply hang on to the wings by your arms and steer by pointing the wings in the direction you want to go.
Tilt both wings downwards to dive and upwards to resurface. A roll is achieved by tilting the wings in opposite directions.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Easy to master for everyone

Controlling this watersport board isn’t just incredibly intuitive and easy to learn. It’s also not that physically demanding, which makes the Subwing suitable not only for the thrill-seeking athlete, but for everyone at almost any age that love being in the water.

You don’t need to be able to hold you breath for a long time in order to enjoy the Subwing. Only a few seconds underwater for each dive is sufficient for a great experience. You can also choose to stay at the surface and watch the underwater world go by beneath you.

Unleash your inner dolphin

Vamp up the thrill factor by flying close to the sand bottom, attempting a roll or flying upside down.
Get creative and try different riding styles and invent new tricks.

It’s only your imagination that limits the amount of acrobatics you can perform on the Subwing!

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