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Island Levan

Pula to Island Levan - Private all day Yacht tour - up to 8 pax

ISLAND LEVAN   Levan is a small island located at the South-East just 300 m from the coast. It attracts visitors because it has a nice sand beach on which there are several bars offering drinks and simple food, mostly prepared on the barbecue. In the summer season the bars organize events like wine party, […]

Lighthouse Porer

Light House porer

LIGHTHOUSE PORER Porer Lighthouse was built in 1833, on the middle of the islet in shape of a round stone tower 35 meters high and is the tallest in Istria. It is automated and included in system of distance surveillance. There is a permanent lighthouse crew. The stone building is a ground- floor building in which there […]

Cape Kamenjak – Natural Park

Boat Tour

CAPE KAMENJAK The Kamenjak Peninsula or Cape Kamenjak also known as the Peninsula of Premantura (Punta) is the southernmost cape of Istria. Kamenjak is a protruding piece of land delving deep into the sea, some six kilometers long with the average width of about a kilometre. Kamenjak rugged coastline, some 30 kilometers long consist of […]

Island of Fratarski – The Heart shaped island


THE ISLAND OF FRATARSKI Veruda, Fratarski ( Friary Island ) is an island located in the Bay in the south of Pula. WHAT TO EXPECT Camping on the island is still one of the few oasis for lovers of rest in a natural environment . Want to play? on the island you can find grass volleyball, indoor soccer […]

Seagulls Rocks – “Galebove stijene” Pula

Boat Tour Seagull Rocks caves Rt kamenjak

SEAGULL ROCK’S Seagull’s Rocks is located in Stoja, one of Pula’s neighborhoods, and is the most western beach in the city. The name was adopted because of many seagulls in that location. Seagull’s Rocks border with former military base Muzil, and metal fence is keeping the visitors away from the facility. The beach is also […]

Island of Fraskeric – The hidden treasure


FRASKERIC THE HIDDEN TRESURE Fraskeric is a small island situated in front of Banjole , in between the island of Fratarski and Fraskeric. Fraskeric is the smallest of the three but you will be surprised with the with all the things what it has to share. WHAT TO EXPECT If you are looking for some adventure, adrenaline rush, […]

Fort Punta Christo – 19th century Fort

FORT PUNTA CHRISTO Fort Punta Christo was built at the end of the 19th century by the Austrians to defend their main naval port. Situated at 45 meters above sea level, it offers a breathtaking view of the entrance to the Bay of Pula, its breakwater, as well as Muzil and Brijuni on the other […]