Pula Harbor – By day & Night


The Legend

The legend of the Argonauts describes the pursuit of the Colchidians after the ship Argo and the Golden Fleece. The subjects of the king of Colchis gave up further pursuit after the death of their king’s son. Fearing that they would be punished for his death and the failure of the quest if they returned to Colchis, they decided to settle where the prince had died. Pula therefore became not only a harbor of refuge to the Colchidian fugitives, but also their place of exile. The most famous geographer of the antiquity – Strabo – claims that this is how Pula was founded and according to this legend, it was about three thousand years ago.


Astonishing view of Pula harbor entrance and a lot more , but that is for you to find out 🙂

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